RYA Day Sailing

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Cost per person - £500 1:1, £300 2:1, £290 3:1, £280 4:1


Part of the advanced syllabus, day sailing skills concerns planning and executing a day sail - this course is ideal for pre flotilla.

Section A - Practical


  • Rigging

  • Prepare and equip a boat for cruising including safety and navigation equipment, clothing and food. Stow gear correctly.

  • Sailing Techniques and Manoeuvres

  • Can plan and undertake a day sail including a consideration of pilotage/navigation and collision avoidance. 

  • Can use anchor to effect lee shore landing (not keelboat but theory can be explained)

  • Understand how to improvise in the event of gear failure (e.g. engine)

Section B - Sailing Background


  • Knowledge of boat handling in strong winds - reefing etc. and also changing plans as necessary

  • Navigation - Plan a day cruise including knowledge of

    • Publications including charts and tide tables

    • Navigational instruments and their limitations

    • Use of GPS inc. waypoint navigation

    • Confirming position by another sours=ce - e.g. contour lines, radar

    • Tidal heights and streams (rule of twelths, high and low water, springs and neaps, tidal diamonds)

    • Coastguard/harbour master?

    • Decision making (planning alternatives)

    • Magnetic compass variation and deviation

    • Interpretation Of Charts

    • Use Of Transits And Bearings

    • Recording Position And Principles Of Dead Reckoning

  • Emergencies - carry flares, VHF, Plan B

  • Food, Drink and Comfort

  • Meteorology - know sources of information, can interpret information, aware of changing conditions and fog.

  • First aid - have a basic first aid knowledge (or hold valid certificate)