RYA Seamanship

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Cost per person - £500 1:1, £300 2:1, £290 3:1, £280 4:1


Part of the advanced syllabus, seamanship skills concerns boat handling skills, in all conditions, and sailing in a seamanship like manner. 

Section A - Practical


Tie fishermans bend, rolling hitch and sheet bend

Sailing Techniques and Manoeuvres


  • Heave to

  • Reef afloat

  • Recover man overboard

  • Be towed by a power vessel

  • Anchor using techniques for different circumstances

  • Sail backwards


Section B - Theory


  • Terminology - windward,leeward, abeam, forward,aft, ahead,astern, to weather, downwind, amidships, quarter, pinching, sailing by the lee, luffing, bear away, planing, sternway, broaching

  • Knows and can apply International Regulations for the Prevention of Collisions at Sea - meeting other sailing vessels, meeting power vessels, following or crossing narrow channels, action by stand on vessel.

  • Meteorology - know sources of information, can interpret information, aware of changing conditions and fog.

  • Keelboat - understand overhead clearance and use of slings. Use and check of slipway